Histoire Des Guerres Civiles De France


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Histoire Des Gverres Civiles De France.

A 17th century book of French civil wars, it bares the family crest of  Louis-Francois Le Fevre Born 1624 he was a member of the French parliament in 1644.  The Sun King Louis XIV appointed him in 1665 Commissioner for the Holding of Great Days of Auvergne in Clermont.

The book was held in the family bibliotheque in the Castle of the Fairy of Argouges and past down the family to the great bibliotheque at Castle of St Angelo.

The revolution decreed the last descendant Marc-Antoine Le Fevre an immigrant while he visited England. The Chateau of St Angelo was seized in 1797  furniture and library of over 3000 volumes was sold off. This is one of the surviving books from that library dating from 1647.


Please note: the portrait of Louis-Francois Le Fevre in the product gallery is not in the book. It Is an Engraving by Louis Van Schuppen of  Louis-François Le Fèvre de Caumartin de Boissy d’Argouges (1685), in the Place of Versailles and therefore not for sale.

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